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A superb region to discover by foot, bike, horse or car!
Plenty of things to see and taste.
A lot of local producers and restaurants are just a few miles away ...

See by yourselves:
-  the tourism house of Namur's countryside: www.mtpn.be
-  the valleys' coutryside: www.paysdesvallees.be

To show you the most surprising or exciting places, we can prepare promenades meeting your needs (duration, landscape, movement modes...)
We can also rent, under your responsibility, mountain bikes to discover this wonderful but hilly region ...
Interested ? Here are the details. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Nature sports

Walks/rides by foot, bike, mountain bike, horse
The "commune" of Assesse benfits from a very impressive network of walks and rides of all sorts. The mark out of 13 pedestrian, 3 equestrian and 3 mountain biking rides is currently ongoing and should be available by year-end 2011. Some of them are touching our holiday house.
The neighbouring "Communes" (clockwise Namur, Gesves, Hamois, Ciney, Yvoir, Profondeville), all just a few kilometers away from the holiday house, offer a large panel of other additional interesting walks and rides.
If you do not have maps to guide you during our walk, we have them all and can even prepare them for you.

You can consult our selection of rides on Wikiloc: http://fr.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/find.do?t=&d=&lfr=&lto=&src=&act=&q=hopelah
And why try by bike on the RAVEL (126 line Ciney-Marchin) : ravel.wallonie.be/opencms/opencms/fr/parcours/sections/L126
... or by quad where possible: www.quaddecouverte.be

The didactic wood of Courrière
At a walking distance (max 5 minutes from the holiday house), wild boars will be waiting for you. The site offers a bbq area and a health cross.

Water sports
Profondeville, just 8 km away from the holiday house, porposes a number of water sports on the Meuse.
In Jambes, boats, with or without engine, can be rented. Marina of Jambes www.portnamur.be/pan.taf?IdNav=34

FLy ... Icare's dream
The aerodrome of Mailen, at 4 km from the holiday house, allows fans or specialists to practice their sport in a magnificent hilly region worth seeing from the sky... www.ulmmaillen.be

Agenda of local events

May - Namur : Namur in may www.artsforains.com
May - Gesves : The May feest ... comes back after a few years!

26, 27, 28  and 29 June 2014-  Arville : International equestrian competition www.arville.be
August - Crupet : The "Diableries" www.lesdiableries.org
Last Sunday of August - Assesse : Feest of the Wood www.fetedubois.be
Third week-end of September  - Namur : Feests of Wallonia www.fetesdewallonie.be

Courrière, Faulx-Les-Tombes, Gesves: mulitple equestrian competitions thoughout the year
Ciney : CineyExpo http://www.cineyexpo.be

Local productions

Cheese dairy of Samson : they produce their goat cheese and a number of other cheeses, all of them just gorgeous. Next to the cave of Goyet. www.fromageriedusamson.be
The Wépionnaise : a strawberry beer with summer perfumes. www.lawepionnaise.be
The brewery of the Bocq : the Gauloise, White of Namur and all their cousins invite you to visit their birth location and taste them. www.bocq.be
Snails of Warnant : to prepare your local garlic snails. Shop and visits possible. www.escargotiere.be

Not to miss ...

Annevoie : wonderful water gardens of the 18th century classified as major heritage of Wallonia www.jardins.dannevoie.be
Caves of Goyet : prestigious site with surprising concretions. www.grottesgoyet.be
Crupet : one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia. www.beauxvillages.be/fr/v2/default.asp?iId=KGFJD
Mozet : one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia. www.beauxvillages.be/fr/v2/default.asp?iId=KHEHL
Thon-Samson : and last but not least, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia. www.beauxvillages.be/fr/v2/default.asp?iId=KIDGJ


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